Bass Pro Shops Distribution Center / Retail Truck Loaders in Macon, Georgia


Processes orders for shipment by carrier, operates machines such as FedEx and Parcel Post and applies postage to under 1 lb. packages. Also responsible for assuring that orders that are sorted by the Tech Conveyor system are routed to appropriate areas.


  1. Logs parcel post packages.

2 Keys invoices on either DHL or Federal machines to make foreign air bills.

  1. Scans Next Day Air and 2 Day Air packages on UPS terminal.

  2. Verifies and accounts for Canadian Trade packages on manifest print out.

  3. Prepares international documents.

  4. Creates the necessary custom documents for outbound shipments.

  5. Applies postage to under 1 lb. Parcels and sorts.

  6. Sorts packages by either convey able or non-convey able.

  7. Uses rf scanner to process bulk packages.

  8. Assists in truck loading.

  9. Practices good housekeeping and safety procedures.

  10. Assists other departments as directed.

  11. Other duties as assigned.

Bass Pro Shops is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.